Leberkas Willi Vienna

Image by Julia Heiligenbrunner

Leberkas Willi – Austrian street food deluxe

I had always thought, it was a pity you could only get premium quality Leberkäse in Linz [update: Pepi has ℱᓮﬡᗩᒪᒪᎩ made it to Vienna!]. So I put it on top of my list to check out their version of this “meatloaf” in a Semmel when they opened in Vienna. Since my first visit to Leberkäswilli I am convinced, the city now has its very own Leberkäs king. Yes, I just crowned Willi. Critics and long-term fans might ask for reclassification: King Pepi & Prince Willi. I love them both, opening hours are longer at Pepi’s though – hoping Willi will catch up.

It’s actually hard to describe what it is and what’s in it, however it’s not cheese and not liver. Best: go there and have a try – you’ll probably fall in love.

As a frequent visitor ask for the membercard which makes every 11th Leberkässemmel free. Prices depend on the size of your Leberkäs piece. Usually the slices are cut quite bounteously – if you prefer a thin one, better inform them when ordering.

Interesting fact, they buy their many sorts of Leberkäse from different butchers all over Austria and the Munich one across the border. My favorite is the chili kind. I was told women’s “most wanted” is the mozzarella & tomato Leberkäs, while Muslim buyers love the turkey hen and traditional Austrians go for the horse type. Their meat friendly customers range from little boys to grannies and there’s a favorite for everyone. Come and pick yours!

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Josefstädter Straße 73, Vienna

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Mon - Fri 11:00 - 18:00


Leberkäse: € 3


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