Strudlhofstiege Vienna

Image by Sabrina Grohsebner

Strudlhofstiege – Nostalgia in between

Situated right in between two main roads of Alsergrund, actually – like me – you might happen to just stumble upon this place by accident, not being aware of its historical, architectural and literary background. This spot is a sublime example of an every-day approachable spot worth paying a visit to or just passing by it on your way to wherever in this lovely neighbourhood.

Inspired by the then young and fresh surroundings, Viennese painter and sculptor Peter Strudel founded the ‘Strudlhof’, a private painting school and later Imperial Painting Academy in 1690. Some years after his death Strudlhofstiege was built right next to the Academy’s location.

I can’t help but love this place. Just think about it! Year after year, generation after generation, this staircase watched Vienna’s city life passing by. Within all this time this spot was lucky to share so many moments: children running down these steps coming home from school, turtle doves sharing moments on a leisurely summer night, grandfathers sitting beside the calm water sprout reminiscing. So many stories to tell!

In case you don’t want to leave it to your own imagination, there’s a book telling one of these memories or another: Heimito von Doderer’s “Strudlhofstiege”, so if you’re up for an Austrian classic and a piece of literature that brings Vienna closer to you, this might be something for your travel’s reading material.

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Strudlhofgasse 8, Vienna

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