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Marek Ivanovskis (1988)

About me
I am probably as local as it gets – the longest I have ever lived in another city were the three weeks I spent in Bonn. With basketball being the second religion in Lithuania and me being over two meters tall the first thing I’m usually asked is if I play basketball. I’m no good at it, but I am good at writing. My job is to get creative with copywriting for a Lithuanian startup.

I travel, also by hitchhiking, spend a lot of time searching for new bands and music, keep a blog with various kinds of nonsense or just spend time on the streets looking at what the people in this city are up to.

Why Vilnius?
I like Vilnius for how small it is: a day is enough to check out all my favorite spots and know what happened where. However, I also feel there are plenty of activities to choose from and this combination of small yet lively is why it’s a great city to live in.

Then, there are the trolleybuses – Vilnius just wouldn’t be Vilnius without the sound of Škoda-14Tr‘s in the streets. Or the locals’ ability to complain about everything, but ferociously defend the city if someone else dares to do the same: “What do you mean there‘s nowhere to go?! We’ve got lots of great pubs! Great nightlife! Amazing parties!”. Yes, Vilnius has a sense of humor, but it takes a while to discover and understand it.

Where can you find me online?

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