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Radvile Bieliauskiene (1981)

About me
I am a professional in intellectual property law. However, my biggest passion in life is traveling.

I am lucky to have a husband who loves to travel as much as I do. My little kid is a born-traveler too.

Also, I love photography. I spend most of my leisure time taking photos. As a non-pro photographer my biggest achievement is that my photos were used as main themes of couple of websites. I have a dream to hold a personal exhibition someday soon.

I also enjoy silk painting, jewellery crafting, cooking.

Why Vilnius?
I was born in Vilnius and have lived here almost all my life. So I can say that I know every corner of the city and I enjoy it a lot.

I have seen how much Vilnius has developed during the past thirty years and now I am happy that my city is a vibrant, colorful and multicultural European city, which has a great number of nice spots to offer for travelers. I am happy to introduce them to readers of Spotted by Locals.

Where can you find me online?
I have started a blog in 2009 and I still keep writing it. It is a place where I post a lot of my pictures and write about things I love. Please visit my blog!

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