Best local bars in Vilnius (2018)

Vilnius has a wide range of local bars that reflect the city’s lifestyle, philosophy and attitude. Check this ultimate locals’ guide to Vilnius’ bars, because it’s the perfect time to hit the road, drink some beer, enjoy the great spirit of Vilnius’ nightlife and meet super-cool local people. And just enjoy life! So here-we-go!

Bukowski Bar

Bukowski Bar Vilnius (by Bukowski Bar)

Bukowski Vilnius is one of the most go-to places among locals. During the late evening it gets really crowded… and that’s when the fun begins! Reasonable prices and a decent selection of beer will make your evening go with the flow. Perhaps you’ve gotten a bit hungry after a couple of cold beers? That’s not a problem! Bukowski Bar offers super delicious hot dogs (veggie hot dogs included!). What is more, it has a huge terrace where you can stay even during the cold period, because it has outdoor heating, so most of the people are staying outside. Pretty cool, huh? So, if you want to spend a memorable (and sleepless!) evening/night in Vilnius, Bukowski Bar is a perfect choice!

Jamaika Vilnius

Jamaika Vilnius (by Jamaika Bar)

Are you visiting Vilnius and searching for a great bar and hostel in the city centre? Then go for Jamaika! You will probably notice that there is more information about the Hostel Jamaika, than there is about the bar itself. That’s because the hostel and the bar are inseparable, which make its guests feel comfortable and welcome. Hostel Jamaika offers comfortable lodging as well as memorable parties on the first floor bar (which also has a cozy inner yard!). Here you can choose from several types of bottled beer or have a beer on tap, supplementing your drink with Jamaika’s pizza. So, do you want to make yourself at home? Then Jamaika is the place to be!

By the way, Jamaika is really close to Bukowski Bar (less than a one-minute walk!), so if you feel like checking more than one bar in one night, then don’t forget to visit Jamaika afterwards. Or vice versa!


Dėvėti Vilnius (by Šarūnas Andriušaitis)

Brand New – Second Hand. That‘s how the Dėvėti Vilnius defines itself: the name means “used” or “second hand”. Why? Because the bar was established in a former second hand shop. The bar is small in size, but the cozy interior and well-planned menu of food, as well as drinks ,will steal your heart and soul! A very special and important point: if you want to try some special Lithuanian beer, choose the beer on tap, which is provided by Lithuanian brewery “Dundulis”. You are not going to regret it! A personal suggestion from the locals: try the finger lickin’ Sloppy Joe sandwich!


Kablys Vilnius (by Šarūnas Andriušaitis)

Kablys is a versatile and unique place in Vilnius, which is strongly appreciated by the locals. It includes a bar, club, restaurant and… skatepark. Kablys is probably the most active and bustling bar/club in Vilnius, considering the amount of events/festivals that are organized annually OR every weekend. From then annual black/death metal festival Armageddon Descends to the annual electronic festival SIRIUS…and those are only two of the many events that Kablys offers! Furthermore, the staff is always ready to mix you a cocktail or fill your glass with icy beer – they won’t leave you thirsty! Kablys is one of those special places where your visit is a MUST.

By the way, Kablys actually means a hook. It’s needless to ask why the bar is named as such, when you see the picture of the building!


Peronas Vilnius (by Lina Jushke)

Peronas Vilnius is probably one of the most memorable places that you can find in town. So, what is so special about it? Peronas, which means a train platform, is located near the train station, so while you are enjoying your beer, you can hear trains passing by which creates a special and even industrial atmosphere that you won’t be able to forget. But Peronas is not only about its exceptional surroundings: the bar also organizes some groovy live events that always catch local people’s attention! So don’t wait any longer, the train to Peronas leaves in a minute!

Fun fact: you can find a Tony Soprano sculpture – which was created by Lithuanian artist Donatas Jankauskas – standing outside the bar. Insane!

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