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Image by Šarūnas Andriušaitis

PANCHO – Never ending lunch happiness

Lunchtime is the most awaited time of the day for the working class in Vilnius, and I’m included in this list as well. On most workdays, I take care of my lunch the day before and simply eat it at the office. However, there are special lunch occasions when I grab a friend of mine and we go for a feast. And there is one specific spot that wins the hungry man’s lottery – it’s PANCHO! PANCHO is a self-service Mexican food buffet, but believe me, this place is beyond my abilities to properly describe.

They serve simple comfort food for the people! We begin our lunch with a daily soup and some exquisite home-baked Mayan-recipe bread. This just kickstarts the hunger even more and a meeting with a dozen of tacos becomes inevitable.

Freshly baked tortillas, a delicious variety of meats, veggie stews, beans, fresh salads and various other delicious toppings are at your disposal. Thus a challenge about the best combo is born! What’s special about that you may ask. Well, if that’s not enough special on your plate – you’ll be bribed with such specials as Enchilada Mondays or rib Fridays – a new dimension on its own.

You won’t find a better all you can eat lunch buffet. New stuff everyday? Laid back and smiling people behind the counter? And with that kind of ingredient quality? Give me a break! I am already salivating.

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Konstitucijos pr. 21, Vilnius

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Opening Times

Mon - Fri 11:00 - 15:00


Lunch: € 7

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