Ramenas Ir Pagaliukai Vilnius

Image by Šarūnas Andriušaitis

Ramenas Ir Pagaliukai – A bowl full of happiness

It all began with Godzilla, that giant fictional monster that started my fascination with Japan in my childhood. Many things were involved afterwards – samurais, anime, Japanese cars etc etc. The staple of Japanese cuisine, sushi, entered the list as well. But what became my addiction at lunch time was something else – it was RAMEN. Ramen noodles in a spicy delicious broth to be exact. That’s something I’ll be eating at least once a week during lunch time, which I think is the best price time to get them. And a gem of a place to do that in the city center is called Ramenas ir pagaliukai.

In all fairness, it’s a place that has lovers and haters in Vilnius. Which is a good thing, because there’s no compromise on playing safe: you either like it or not. Interestingly enough, there’s always more than a few Asian customers that come here, which might convince some of the food detectives.

I happen to be on the love side as you might have understood. You can always choose between 4 different types of ramen that are served for lunch. My personal favorite is Tonkotsu. 5.40 euros for a fulfilling and flavorful bowl of ramen is more than a bargain. Your tummy will be thanking you for a while. And they are open after lunch too.

P.S. Spiciness is rated from 1 to 5, don’t go above 2 for your first visit! It will be pleasantly hot, no danger.

P.P.S. There’s an outdoor terrace in the back!

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L. Stuokos-Gucevičiaus gatvė 7, Vilnius

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Opening Times

Mon - Thu 11:30 - 14:30 & 16:30 - 21:00, Fri 11:30 - 21:00, Sat 12:00 - 21:00, Sun 12:00 - 18:00


Lunch menu: € 6.40


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