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Image by Šarūnas Andriušaitis

ROOTS – Best friends – cheese and wine

It’s rare that I meet people who dislike cheese and let’s not even start a discussion about liking wine. But the rarest is the case with people who dislike the unmatchable pairing of the two. With this in mind, I don’t think there’s reason to be keeping delicious secrets from you, right?

My favorite in the neighborhood is a neat shop with cheese and wine/beer making craftsmanship in Halės market. ROOTS is the name and it’s a small spot mainly dedicated to cheeses from local farmers that range from fresh to matured, funky to creamy, goat or cow’s milk cheeses — you name it, they have it. They also have other dairy products, some good Lithuanian bread and a variety of other tasty things. 

As expected, you will need some local wine or beer to get that perfect pairing. Lithuanian wine making tradition is rather interesting – regional fruit like raspberries, black currants or even apples are used to make it. It’s a bit more niche, therefore the prices are a bit higher than you’d pay regularly, but the quality of experience always delivers.

You won’t be able to indulge on the flavors every day, but once in a while you can have a cheat day and enjoy yourself a bit. And the very best thing is that you can taste all the cheeses before buying, so it’s beyond easy to find the produce that fits your taste buds the most!

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Pylimo gatvė 58, Vilnius

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Wed - Sat 09:00 - 16:00, Sun 09:00 - 15:00


100g of cheese: € 2

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