St.Francis & St.Anne's churches Vilnius

Image by Šarūnas Andriušaitis

St.Francis & St.Anne’s churches – A gorgeus duo

Every city has its architectural spots that became sort of business cards representing them. According to the majority of locals, Vilnius’ representative could be either the historic Gediminas’ Tower or the beautiful Church of St. Anne. And if you’d ask me on my opinion I would vote for the church in no time. And to be precise – a duet of churches right next to each other.

Most of the city visitors and locals give all the credits to St. Anne’s Church. There’s even a legend that the great Napoleon was so astonished with the beauty of the church that figuratively speaking he wanted to take it with him to Paris. Who wouldn’t be proud to have a legend like that? However there’s another admirable building that coincides with the church and that is the Church of St Francis from Assisi (Bernardine).

Even though the churches were built in different time periods, they have a marvelous gothic visual bond together. They highlight and supplement each other like two faithful companions. The St. Anne’s Church looks a bit more complicated and intense while the Church of St. Francis retains its colossal stature with a hint of wisdom. Both of them are fantastic from any perspective and to miss out on visiting them, in my opinion, would be a great loss.

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