Užupio konstitucija Vilnius

Image by Radvile Bieliauskiene

Užupio konstitucija – A constitution of each heart

As you might have read in one of the previous articles about Uźupis, Užupis republic is a very special district in Vilnius. It’s a united artists’ community, a place for free minds, art and neighborliness. It has its own constitution – 41 decrees about the most important things in life that everyone should not forget. It is love and respect for others and yourself.

Read some of my favorite points: 1. Everyone has the right to live by the River Vilnelė, and the River Vilnelė has the right to flow by everyone. 6. Everyone has the right to love. 7. Everyone has the right not to be loved, but not necessarily. 8. Everyone has the right to be undistinguished and unknown. 10. Everyone has the right to love and take care of the cat. 13. A cat is not obliged to love its owner, but must help in time of need. 20. No one has the right to violence. 23. Everyone has the right to understand. 24. Everyone has the right to understand nothing. 32. Everyone is responsible for their freedom. 41. Do not surrender!

Now the constitution is in 23 languages. Come to Užupis and read all of the points yourself!

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