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Kasia Boni (1982)

About me
I’ve spent almost my entire life in Warsaw. I live within a comfortable distance of 15 minutes from the center. It allows me to choose if I want to be in the middle of all the action or in the middle of the forest – Warsaw has it all.

I travel a lot. Basically I travel everywhere – around Poland, around Europe, around the globe. And then I write about it.

When I’m not travelling I am on a quest to find the perfect Warsaw cafe where I can sip great coffee, eat a melting brownie (or cheesecake – it’s typical Polish!) and write articles. I think that I have hundreds to go. When I’ve found the one, I’ll surely let you know.

Why do I love Warsaw?
I’ve been in Warsaw all my life, and I’ve learned how to love this city. It’s not an easy one – it’s gray, chaotic and always in a hurry. But it’s very rewarding at the same time.

Every small thing – a treasure – that you find here will make you like the city a little bit more and – without noticing it – you’ll fall in love with Warsaw. And it’s still undiscovered, thus full of opportunities – the future (according to many) belongs to Warsaw.

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