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Marta Kołosowska

About me
I finished Geography Studies (geography of cities and tourism to be precise 🙂 ) at the University of Warsaw and Tourism Management at the University of Huelva in Spain.

I love to travel. I don’t have to go far away, nor for a long time. I always look for remote corners and nature, even while going to big cities.

I like exploring Warsaw and its suburbs. I love long walks, although my bike is my good friend, too.

Another thing that interests me a lot is healthy lifestyle :).

Why Warsaw
I was born in Warsaw and I have lived here my whole life.

I like this city because there is so much history hidden in it, and on the other hand it keeps changing and developing itself. There are so many festivals, cultural events and such a wide variety of bars, cafes and restaurants that you cannot be bored here.

Last but not least, I love that in Warsaw you can still find many places where you don’t feel like you are in the city anymore. And if you in fact leave the city, there are many spots very close by where you can slow down a bit and relax in the bosom of nature.

Where else can you find me online?

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