Bistro Olkuska Warsaw

Image by Stefano Nardone

Bistro Olkuska – The neighbourhood taste

As in every world capital, the fascination for markets surrounded by bars where you can join the need of completing your shopping list with a good breakfast or drink has also reached Warsaw. There are already several places spotted in the site & app, this is a special one, however.

Do not expect to find here a lot of people, it is somehow undiscovered and still off the beat for tourists and locals. Even if it has been on the Warsaw map for several years, it is still hidden and mostly frequented by locals who want to shop in a familiar atmosphere and have a slow style breakfast in the garden of the Olkuska bistro. They have the best ginger beer in town, alcohol-free and from fermented ginger, although the recipe is from an English brewery.

The location gives you the possibility to reach places nearby such as the Krolikarnia Palace and the Nowy Teatr. Also, if you check the street art spots, several of them are in the surrounding area. The small pre-war style houses restore an image of Warsaw that cannot be seen in other districts as much as here – just get off from Pulawska and get lost in the neighborhood.

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Details about this spot



Olkuska bazar, Warsaw

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Opening Times

Mon - Sat 09:00 - 20:00


Ginger beer: PLN 12

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