Car Cemetery Warsaw

Image by Magda Przedmojska 2013

Car Cemetery – VW Beetle? Cadillac? You name it!

The industrial area around Olszynka Grochowska has many places you would not find in the city centre (see my other Olszynka articles about Pasgala, a thread and needle shop, train “hotel” Olszynka and an amazing Willa Granzowa). Another one is a car cemetery located in ul. Gwarków.

If you are any good with repairing, fixing, replacing – this will be the place to buy your dream car. From old VW surfer transporters to Buicks and Cadillacs – this place has everything. Just take the bus number 145 to bus stop Gwarków, go straight ahead ul. Gwarków, and after about 500 metres you will be in cars’ paradise.

Almost forgot: this car cemetery is not the only one in the surroundings. Take bus 135 to ul. Strażacka, go ul. Strażacka to the left (past Villa Granzowa) – after 500 metres you’ll find many cars in various conditions: from almost fit to not fit at all – just parts. But the one in ul. Gwarków is definitely the most interesting – the cars there just look as if they were ready to go in a minute.

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