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I love Warsaw because it has so many places where it doesn't feel like a city. A...

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Everything started on one special day in 2014. A group of friends came up with the idea to commemorate the anniversary of the Warsaw Uprising from 1944 by singing songs that kept the insurrectionists company in those hard times. They wanted to pass on their patriotism on the others so they went out with their instruments on the streets. People asked them what their name was, so they just said Ferajna z Hoovera, as they were playing on Hoover’s Square and it was the first name that came to their mind.

From then on, for each anniversary of the Uprising and also on other special days for Poland, Ferajna z Hoovera gathers many people who sing together on the square. If you want to join them, just check their Facebook page. They always announce concerts there. Usually you can meet Ferajna on August 1st (the anniversary of the Warsaw Uprising), May 3rd (The Polish Constitution Day), November 11th (Independence Day) and during Christmas time.

The time of the Warsaw Uprising was very hard but the songs gave some strength to the insurrectionists and made things a bit easier. There was even a movie made just after WWII, in 1947, that commemorates all the insurrectionist songs. It’s called Zakazane Piosenki (Forbidden Songs).

Check it out on YouTube:

Siekiera, motyka (Axe and hoe) from Zakazane Piosenki
Serce w plecaku (Heart in the backpack) by Ferajna z Hoovera
Videoclip for the song Warszawo ma (My Warsaw) by Ferajna z Hoovera.

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Marta from Warsaw

Marta Kołosowska photo

I love Warsaw because it has so many places where it doesn't feel like a city. A...

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