Jewish Cemetery Warsaw

Image by Magda Przedmojska 2012

Jewish Cemetery – Jewish Vestiges in Warsaw

Jewish history in Warsaw once used to be a rich and flourishing one. Before the war almost 1/3 of the citizens of Warsaw were Jews. During the war, the Jewish culture was almost totally destroyed by the Nazis. Today, the Jewish community is well-functioning but nevertheless small, with its most obvious signs being the Nożyk Synagogue and the Jewish Theatre.

The Cemetery, the biggest cemetery in Warsaw, was created about 200 years ago. It hosts the graves of important people such as Ludwik Zamenhof, inventor of the Esperanto language, or Julian Stryjkowski, Polish writer and author of “Austeria”. Remember to visit the grave of Marek Edelman, a great Pole who saved people’s lives during the war, helping them hide from the Nazis, and after the war as a surgeon. The grave is situated about 300-400 metres to the right of the main entrance, on the left side of the main path. Also interesting are the monuments, water fountains and broken matzevahs located directly to the right side of the entrance.

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