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Muzeum Plakatu – Poster museum

The Museum’s collection includes as many as 25,000 posters by great Polish poster designers such as Mieczysław Berman, Jan Białostocki, Szymon Bojko, Tadeusz Gronowski, Witold Chomicz, Roman Cieślewicz, Aleksander Felistak, Wiktor Górka, John Fabion, Józef Mroszczak, Jan Mucharski, Konstanty Maria Sopoćko, Stanisław Miedza Tomaszewski, Ignacy Witz, Marek Żuławski among others. Taking into consideration the history of Polish poster design, I definitely recommend visiting the museum, not only if you are a poster fan.

The Museum also hosts a Poster Biennale and has a rich educational programme for people of all ages and backgrounds. It has received many prizes, also for the project of the traditional Ernst Litfass column (traditional ad column), handed in by the Fachverband Ausenwerbung in Dusseldorf.

There is the exhibiton “Jerzy Staniszkis. The architect” until September 8th 2019. This exhibition is a presentation of the selection of works from the family archive of Jerzy Staniszkis, including functional and artistic graphics, architectural designs, drawing studies in the field of interior and exhibition architecture, and posters from the Poster Museum’s collection.

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