Ossów Warsaw

Image by Magda Przedmojska 2020

Ossów – Trace the Battle of Warsaw from 1920

2020 is a great year to trace Polish history and the Battle of Warsaw (also known as the Miracle of the Vistula). Ossów is one of the places that was a backdrop to it and you will find many places connected to it here: a cemetery, information boards… Also, Ossów is a part of the Polish Way of Jacob towards Santiago de Compostela. At the same time, the nearby church’s backyard hosts monuments to the victims of the Smolensk catastrophe. So if you’re a history fan, you will learn things about much of Poland’s recent history.

Start your walk next to the cemetery for the battle’s soldiers and move towards the military area at the end of the road. Here you are entering a huge forest and nature reserve. To get to know this place, you might consider renting a bike, as it’s huge. Remember not to go off the paths (military training area, the signs inform that you might get shot).

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Matarewicza 150, Warsaw

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