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Image by Nitzan Reisner

PaństwoMiasto – City for citizens

PaństwoMiasto is located in Muranów. The Muranów district is a neighborhood with a lot of history. Before World War II, it was the heart of Jewish Warsaw – hustling and bustling with life, but later, during the war, was cordoned off by the Nazis and the Warsaw Ghetto was created. The ghetto was razed to the ground and after the war all that was left was rubble.

Why am I going into the history? Because it really explains a lot. After the war (only a little more, I promise!), the architect Bohdan Lachert was given the hard task of building an entirely new neighborhood where nothing was left. He decided to create homes for the ‘New Man’. ‘He’ was going to frequent cafes, restaurants, but… in the end no such places were created. For years Muranów was a cultural desert. And then came PaństwoMiasto…!

PaństwoMiasto is more than just a cafe or nice place to have lunch (there is a special menu every day) – it’s a place made by people for people! Come to sit and work all day, read, talk with a friend, organize a meeting – there’s a cafe, a conference room and space for co-working too!

It’s a place for NGO’s and small organizations. A place for organized events and for random get-togethers. Państwo Miasto is made by people who love this city for citizens. It’s not only to be visited, it’s to be used. And besides – the coffee and the lunches are goooood!

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Details about this spot



ul. Andersa 29, Warsaw

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Opening Times

09:00 - 00:00 daily


Sandwich: PLN 9


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