Plan B Warsaw

Image by Ola Synowiec

Plan B – The heart of Hipster’s square

How is it possible that not one of the Warsaw spotters has written about Plan B?! Ok, maybe there’s nothing interesting to write about the place itself, but come on! It’s – I think – the most popular bar in our city!

Located in Zbawiciela square, which is also called Hipster’s square, it’s definitely a mecca for Warsaw hipsters, but not only for them. The name of the place perfectly describes it. If your night in Warsaw didn’t work out, if the party is poor, if there’s no other place to go… you always have plan B, which is… Plan B of course! This place is always full of people and I think it’s impossible to not meet at least one person you know when you go there.

In the summertime Plan B gives you an empty Coca-Cola paper cup if you want to go outside with your beer. While in Poland it’s not legal to drink alcohol in public areas, drinking beer from Coca Cola cups starts to become very legal :). Hipsters’ square is very very crowded. And of course, a lot of people come with their own alcohol in Coca Cola cups ;).

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Details about this spot



al. Wyzwolenia 18, Warsaw

Telephone number


Opening Times

11:00 - open end daily


Beer: PLN 8


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