Tawerna Korsarz Warsaw

Image by Marek Binabik Relich

Tawerna Korsarz – Not only for sailors

To get to the seaside from Warsaw it takes at least 3 hours, although that doesn’t mean that we don’t have a proper sailor tavern here :). It doesn’t matter if you’re particularly looking for something like that or you have never been in such place; it’s really worth visiting Tawerna Korsarz. Looking from  the outside, you may not expect nothing special, although you shouldn’t let that trick you.

The first thing that is an eye-catcher once you enter the tavern is a stage in the shape of a boat. The whole decor is made in a sailor style. It makes the place a perfect spot for sea chantie concerts and indeed they are often held here in the evenings. Here you can not only listen to sea chanties, although it’s mostly folk-style music that is played here. Just choose from the program on the official website something you like or that simply sounds different and interesting and plan your evening in Tawerna Korsarz. If you want to sit by the table, I would recommend making a reservation in advance as the taverna has many fans :).

Before the evening starts, you can also have a look at the monument on the other side of Obozowa street, just next to the petrol station. It commemorates the king elections that were held here in the 16th-18th century. You can see how it looked like here.

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Gostyńska 45, Warsaw

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Mon - Sat from 14:00, Sun from 13:00


Beer: PLN 10


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