Ul. Szaserów 58 Warsaw

Image by Magda Przedmojska

Ul. Szaserów 58 – Zygmunt Kubiak’s house

In ul. Szaserów 58 there is Zygmunt Kubiak’s house, built in 1928, beautifully and strangely preserved, with lots of bits and pieces that don’t always match one another. The Kubiak family lived in the house until the 1960s, the place was also inhabited by the Damięcki family, a well-known clan of actors.

Zygmunt Kubiak (1929-2004) was an essayist, a great Polish scholar of ancient culture and quite a bugaboo for secondary school students forced to learn all the ancient traditions and mythical, tragic heroes off by heart. Every schoolchild knows Kubiak’s “Mitologia” and I must reluctantly admit that, being forced to read it, I never took deep pleasure in it.

Now that I am free from school and allowed to read whatever I please, I find great pleasure in Kubiak’s work and I would also recommend seeing this mysterious, strange building sitting on a half-empty street, threatening with its colossal, grey walls. Who knows what secrets it still posesses?

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ul. Szaserów 58, Warsaw

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