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Andrew Garofalo (1989)

About me
I grew up on the East coast all my life. Most of my life in Pittsburgh – A rust belt kid in The Federal City. Traveling is my passion. Some of my favorite spots are Quebec, the American southwest, and Eastern Europe. Languages are another passion of mine and I love being able to practice them on my travels.

During the day I work as an engineer in DC. But as soon as the work day is over I’m off discovering my city. DC is always changing. It’s hard to describe at times. But I manage after a cocktail or two.

Why Washington DC?
DC is a youthful city. I love that. Most of the people that live in the District are making a name for themselves. The lifers have usually made the move to Virginia or Maryland by the time they reach their mid 30s. Rarely do I find someone here that is from the metro area. This gives me a chance for new experiences and to hear interesting stories. It’s fascinating. On the surface I thought DC rarely changes. The monuments stay the same and the government is here to stay. But just a small scratch at the surface and I find thousands of people using DC to project all of their hopes and dreams onto.

I also love the architecture. The beauty and majesty of the New Deal era buildings. With their greco-roman classical influence clashing with brooding brutalist buildings on every block. I find the lack of a grid system to be liberating. I feel I can breath with the low profile of the city. It’s a great city to live and work.

Where can you find me online?

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