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Andrew Wiseman (1979)

About me
Andrew Wiseman attended college in DC and has lived in the city 1998. He enjoys going to bars and restaurants, seeing live music and finding interesting and unusual places around the city. He is a cartographer for a living, and likes that too.

Why Washington DC?
I love DC because most people are here for something — to help people, to learn, to make laws — and it’s nice to see so many people with that kind of drive.

I love that recently people are starting to realize it’s also a good place to live and not just a place to work for a few years before you leave, and I love the way it looks — brick rowhouses, monumental architecture, front porches, and green squares.

Where can you find me online?
On Fridays I compile the Overheard in D.C. Column: DCist
New Columbia Heights
GW basketball blog

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