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Call Your Mother – Fancy bagel shop and deli

Call Your Mother is a delicious and much-anticipated addition to the Park View neighborhood from the folks behind the very popular Timber Pizza Co up the street in the Petworth area of Washington, DC. The spot has wood-fired bagels that are kind of halfway between the chewier New York-style bagel (which are also boiled before baking) and the wood-fired, smaller and denser Montreal-style bagels. There are lots of varieties, like any good bagel shop, and you can get just bagels or bagel sandwiches.

If you’ve had a deli bagel sandwich before, these are a step up — they’re thick with tasty ingredients, like jalapeño and peach jam with cream cheese or candied salmon, cucumbers, and cream cheese. The offerings rotate and so far they’ve all been excellent.

They also have Jewish-inspired lunches and sandwiches like Matzoh ball soup, white fish croquettes and a delicious (but certainly not Kosher) pastrami cheesesteak sandwich.

The place has had big lines since it opened and has a cool interior that looks like a hip but old timey deli you’d see in an old East Coast city. They also do everything to-go, so maybe a good spot to get a bite if you’re roaming around.

The only knock on the spot is the price, sandwiches run about $9, which is not unusual for a nice sandwich, but more expensive than most bagel spots. Then again, it’s one of kind in DC!

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Georgia Avenue Northwest 3301, Washington DC

Opening Times

Wed - Sun 08:00 - 14:00


Bagel sandwich: US$ 9


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