FDR Memorial Washington DC

Image by Flickr Joel Kramer

FDR Memorial – Fantastic monumental experience

Washington, DC, being a capital city, is full of monuments and memorials. My favorite is the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial located just south of the Tidal Basin. More of an outdoor museum and sculpture garden than anything else, you walk through different outdoor “rooms” that relate to different parts of FDR’s four terms as president: the Depression, the destruction of World War II, FDR’s social programs, civil rights, First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt and her work, and a lot more. Famous quotes of his are carved into the walls throughout the memorial.

It’s sometimes poignant, like the sculptures of bedraggled people in line for food during the Depression or the scene of Roosevelt sitting alone in his wheelchair with Fala, his dog, and sometimes impressive and fun, like the waterfall that runs over stone blocks (which kids and young-at-heart adults like to hop on). There’s a number of those waterfalls throughout the memorial and a lot of other interesting statues – I also like the man leaning in to listen to his radio, which FDR used to speak to the nation during hard times.

Since you are outdoors, you’d better dress appropriately for¬†chilly¬†weather, but there’s also a nearby gift shop with a nice book selection to warm up and buy some water.

Free, interesting, informative, fun, and moving: what more can you ask for in a memorial to a famous American?

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National Mall, south of the Tidal Basin, Washington DC

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