Ararat Viewpoint Yerevan

Image by Vahagn Vardumyan

Ararat Viewpoint – Eternal giant

Even if Yerevan has become somewhat chaotic nowadays due to the newly constructed buildings, there is still something unique about it: the view of Biblical Ararat. The role of the mountain was decisive in the making of new city plan in 1924.

Back then, when Yerevan had not expanded its boundaries, Ararat was visible from many spots and buildings. Nowadays, when Armenians repatriate and want to have a flat in Yerevan, they prefer one with a view on Ararat, which makes the flat price higher. So, strangely enough, the most important point of interest of Yerevan is not inside Yerevan, it’s not even in Armenia, because in 1921 it was given to Turkey by Soviet Russia. Anyway, being a part of historical Armenia, by then it had been embedded so strongly in every Armenian’s consciousness that the absence of a view of Ararat can give birth to existential nostalgia.

Here you will find a peaceful place to observe the double peaks of Ararat called Masis in ancient times. I have chosen this particular place because there is also a remnant of the Urartian canal in the vicinity dating back to the 7th century B.C.

The most important virtue of Ararat is that it helps the Armenian nation survive all the cataclysms and dramatic events of history with its eternal presence. So come and see this nation with such a powerful backup in Yerevan.

The best months for a clear view of Ararat are from September to May, I guess.

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Leningradyan street, Yerevan

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24 hours daily


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