Image of War Zagreb

Image by Mirna Marić

Image of War – Haunting photographic stories

Founded through a crowdfunding campaign, Image of War, a war photography museum, opened in autumn of 2018 in the heart of Downtown.

The topic of war in Croatia has been too often misused for political manipulations, so it’s refreshing to see a project which offers a variety of perspectives and focuses on victims on all sides. Titled “Up close and personal”, the exhibition acknowledges the impossibility of a neutral, objective witness, offering instead a complex mosaic of powerful and touching microstories.

The featured photos were made by local & foreign photographers during the war in Croatia 1991-1995, with a focus on the perspective of ordinary people. A Serbian soldier sitting in the position of Rodin’s Thinker on the ruins of his own house in destroyed Vukovar, parents begging their son to get out of a military truck, while a JNA officer threatens him with a gun… these images tell stories more powerful than any news report.

In the basement you can read the testimonies collected from people who experienced the war in various ways and watch a short documentary about photographers themselves, who actually never planned to be “war photographers” – war simply came into their lives.

Yes, the photos are disturbing and heartbreaking, this isn’t a kind of spot where the word “enjoyable” is appropriate. But I believe nobody is entitled to indifference and I highly recommend this museum to everyone who is ready to be moved to tears.

Museum is temporarily closed due to damage caused by the earthquake.

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