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Sidro – A favourite 4am destination

When you’re young and free, there are some nights out which you never want to end. In Zagreb, they don’t have to end. (Too early, I mean. Theoretically, everything needs to end at some point.) There are a few places in town that stay open until early morning. One of them is Sidro.

Sidro is one of the “boats” on the embankment of the river Sava. They’re called boats but they’re actually improvised wooden huts you wouldn’t dare walk even close to in the daylight. After midnight, though, your perspective changes (it’s pure magic, it has nothing to do with the amount of alcohol you’ve drunk!).

As a student, I loved Sidro at 03:00. After all the bars had closed, everyone worth knowing came down to the river. Loud music, dancing, laughing, more drinking… and then walking home barefoot, listening to the birds happily chirping, avoiding the judgemental looks of the people going to work.

I’m not young anymore and staying up past midnight sounds like torture to me. I couldn’t check first-hand if Sidro’s still open through the night, so I got some help. I sent my husband out. He happily confirmed that nothing’s changed. On his early morning jog, he was observed and cheered on by a bunch of young people still out drinking at 6:30 am. 

I don’t miss doing that at all. Most of the time.

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