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Image by Hrvoje Brigljevic

Wok by Matija – Just eat it

Wok, sausage and burger walk into a bar…although this could be the beginning of a good joke it is not. It is the story of another great place which serves a healthy combination of flavors, aromas and colors. At the beginning Wok by Matija was kind of a street bar opened in the very heart of Zagreb but soon they branched out to a few other locations in the city. Still, my favorite one is the “original” one. With order numbers written on the wooden ladle, menu on the paper bags, old cutlery as a decor, this place exudes a homely atmosphere and happiness.

All ingredients that are used for the preparation of 14 different kinds of Wok; vegetables, sprouts and herbs are naturally farmed on a farm in the heart of the Nature Park “MIKIN KRČ”, and from other friendly farms. Combined with homemade noodles and organically produced eggs they make a perfect Wok. You can choose between a small and big portion and one of my favorite ones is the DEVIL’S CHOICE, spicy and tasty.

Apart from the great selection of Woks, they have two things on the menu especially dear to me – lamb sausage and hamburger. And what a hamburger it is! Great bun, tasteful chunk of meat, jar of mixed salad, caramelized onion aside and paper-thin potatoes which rounds up everything just perfectly. Don’t miss all of these wonders (and much more) at few locations in Zagreb and join me!

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Ulica Ivana Tkalčića 12, Zagreb

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Opening Times

Mon - Sat 08:00 - 23:00


Hamburger: Kn 50


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