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Ana Maria Malpartida (1982)

About me
My real name is Ana Maria Malpartida, but ever since I can recall I have been called Marimba. I am a 31-year old Peruvian living in Switzerland for the past 6 years. I arrived in 2008 following love, unemployed and speaking 0 German. Today, having started a new life in Zurich on my own, I’ve polished my German to a decent level and I have been lucky enough to meet people who have slowly, but surely become my second family.

Writing is my passion, cooking is my obsession and eating is my favorite hobby. When I am not splurging on these, I work as Communications Manager for an international company in Zug. After all, someone has to pay for the ridiculous amounts of food and wine I buy.

Take me to an island and leave me forever happy with: crostinis, otters, cooking books, watermelon, accents, white wine, goat cheese, pajamas and red lipstick.

Why Zurich?
Two years ago, I started a new life in Zurich and my thirst to discover my new city and self, led me to fantastic places, people and experiences I did not expect. Zurich does not need to be expensive to be great. Zurich is filled with creative bars, restaurants and store owners who have not yet been discovered. I want to meet them. Zurich is the shy girl in town. She will probably amaze you if you are patient enough to learn her ways.

Where can you find me online?

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