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Ellen-Aleksandra Svorjova

About me
My name is Alex and I am that friend who just came back from another trip, has been to all the obscure corners of the city, and has visited all of the latest events in the area. Actually, most of my time I devote to academic research, where with fellow scientists I try to save the world from the upcoming antibiotic resistance crisis. When I need a break from saving the world, I head outside. This is when I need a new environment as much as I need breathing. The unknown inspires and recharges my brain unlike anything else. Ecological concerns and a busy schedule do not allow me to be constantly on a road, but luckily, I found a way to experience travel excitement as a resident and I do it by exploring every corner of the city. I am happy to be sharing my best finds with you!

Why Zürich?
I love Zürich because it is a mix of everything. It is intense and outgoing, but other times laid-back. It is a city where high-fashion boutiques can exist in harmony with farms and the traditional culture of the people in the mountains. It is nested on a breathtaking hilly landscape, right on a crystal clear lake, yet it harbors the seediest areas of Switzerland and has a heartbreaking history of drug abuse. It is a home for many world-famous corporations and yet, it has an unprecedented amount of small businesses and citizen initiatives. It is probably the most international city in Switzerland, but it retains its Swiss soul. I keep getting amazed at all the different facets of this Swiss gem.

Where can you find me online?
When I am not exploring the city, I hit the mountains and share my experiences on Instagram

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