HEART Wellness Lounge Zurich

Image by Ana Maria Malpartida

HEART Wellness Lounge – Relax and follow your heart

Curiosity is part of who I am. I enjoy discovering places, talented people and humble players in a market full of big businesses. One could say I’m the budget version of one of those talent shows. 

During one of my curiosity strolls, I spotted a place. Surrounded by small shops, and pretty cafes in the Kreis 3, lies a store with a sign that says “Heart”. I take a look. One hour later, I’m glad I did.

Heart is not your typical wellness place, and the wordplay in their name is no accident. Art, heat, hear. All these words are linked to their belief of treating people’s bodies as pieces of art. Through the use of heat and their senses, they don’t aim to give you just a wellness treatment, but to customize it to your body’s needs.

During my first visit, among other tempting offers, they suggested I try the Heart massage. After some tea, I explained what I needed, what ailed my 32 year-old body. I got to pick. Strong strokes, weak points, massage oil based on my mood: energetic, relaxed. 10 minutes after, I was letting myself go happy and confidently.

Allow yourself to get into a state of flow and let all distractions slip away. They’re not just interested in people’s wellness, but also in their well-being. That shows how much they love their job and the passion they put into it. Take a break from what you already know and dare to follow your heart.

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Details about this spot



Sihlfeldstrasse 32, Zurich

Telephone number


Opening Times

Tue - Fri 11:00 - 20:00, Sat 10:00 - 17:00


Heart Massage : CHF 120


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