Seebad Utoquai Zurich

Image by Miltiadis Sarakinos

Seebad Utoquai – Facing the sunset

I spent all summers of my school years near the coast in Greece: life was a beach. Choosing to live in Switzerland felt like this lifestyle would remain a sweet childhood memory. After all, central Europe has no Mediterranean and no real summer. Life would be a bitch. Right?

Wrong! If you want to go swimming every day in the summer after work, which metropolis is better? Athens, Rome or Zurich? You want to get there quickly, maybe also your during lunch break and, if you are an early bird, before going to work in the morning. The choice is a no-brainer: Zurich by all means.

There are several public baths in Zurich. They attract different crowds. Bad Utoquai is located on the eastern side of the lake and is housed in a historic monument dating back to 1889. The venue would not be the first choice of youngsters or families with children. For many regulars, the Badi (local dialect) has been an integral part of their life for years or decades. It is a small world in itself. It offers fantastic sunsets, especially after the sky has been whimsical.

There is a small restaurant offering warm meals as well as a rich salad buffet. The northern (and nicest) end of the Badi is reserved for women, the southern side for men and the two central areas are mixed.

Yes, life is still a beach.

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Utoquai 49, Zurich

Telephone number


Opening Times

19 Apr - 29 Sep 07:00 - 20:00 daily


Entrance adults: CHF 7


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