In the media

A selection of coverage in the press:

“You get what you pay for: […] the most well-rounded of the three I tried.”
The New York Times | Read article

“They skip the touristy stuff, so this is a great edition to a traditional guidebooks.”
The Savvy Backpacker | Read article

“An incredible tool for those who’d like to explore a little beyond the main tourist spots.”
The Culture Trip | Read article

“Spotted by Locals is at its best for those looking for a local joint to wile away the time.[…] The app is consistently updated to keep it up-to-date with the newest hotspots.”
Mashable | Read article

“No amount of guidebook research can replace local knowledge…”
Sunday Times | Read article

“…authentically local, on-the-ground advice…”
The Guardian | Read article

” gemeinsam ist ihnen die Liebe zu ihrer Stadt….”
Sueddeutsche Zeitung | Read article (German)

“ ouvre d’autres horizons aux visiteurs”
Le Monde | No longer available online

“… best food and entertainment from Amsterdam to Zagreb”,
National Geographic Traveler | Read article

“…tips rarely found in the guidebook. […] My first port of call”
The Times | Read article

“The Spotted By Locals app is, to put it simply, awesome.”
Gadling (Huffington Post) | Read article

“…a useful series of blogs and iPhone app with locally written travel guides and reviews of hangouts and events.”
The New York Times | Read article

“…a real insider voice and offbeat cities…
The Telegraph
| Read article

“…like I’m getting a friend’s recommendations on where to eat, drink and relax….”
KLM Holland Herald | No longer available online

“…local knowledge… from enthusiastic local Spotters…”
BBC World No longer available online

“In short, top-quality and neatly presented advice. And, unlike guidebooks, it’s all available for free.”
Daily Mail Online | Read article

“…wijst je de weg naar waanzinnige undergroundfeestjes… op je vakantiebestemming | Read article (Dutch)

“[The $3.99 are] .. more than worth it”
Travel + Leisure | Read article

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