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Spotted by Locals (since 2008) is a community of blogs & apps by volunteer locals in 81 cities.

Our Spotters live in the city they write about, speak the local language and write only about their current local favorite spots. Strictly non-commercial. Founders Sanne & Bart are 100% owners and meet all Spotters in person.

Our vision
We believe a misunderstanding of other cultures is the root of many of the world’s problems. We aim to help change this, by allowing travelers to see a destination from a local’s perspective.

We are increasingly worried about overtourism. We promote locally owned spots outside of the touristy center and since 2018 exclusively launched guides to cities that can actually use more tourists.

About us

Our community of Spotters
Every Spotter is handpicked by Sanne and Bart, who lead a nomadic life to meet each of the 500 city-loving locals at their favorite spots around the world. Spotters meet each other regularly, for example at the bi-yearly Spotters weekend.

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In these videos our Spotters explain more about what we do!

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