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Edoardo Parenti (1988)

About me
Italy has given me birth and shaped my identity. Few other places have added to that and made me a cosmopolitan soul.

After my BA in Cultural Communication and Art Markets in Milan I worked in the cultural industry in Madrid. Later on I set foot in London, where I studied an Msc in Creative Cities and briefly worked for an NGO advocating the rights of Gypsies and Travellers in the British capital.

In Vienna I conducted a research on Hundertwasserhaus focusing on the impact that the arts and architecture have on the urban fabric and the population. I learned the ropes of social media management in Athens, where I worked as a communication and digital marketing intern for a fresh urban consultancy. Between one experience and the other, I have indulged in what is my favourite hobby: travelling and exploring.

I joined Spotted by Locals in February 2016. I will be one of the social media and marketing interns for the forthcoming months and, most importantly, I will be writing and editing articles for Spotted by Locals’ blog. To me, being an editor for Spotted by Locals is what matters the most, as I will be able to put myself to the test discussing some of my main interests; among them, urban exploration, the discovery of quirky sides and places in cities, and the preservation of authenticity in contemporary urban spaces.

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