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Gareth Wane (1979)

About me
I like to describe myself as a music nerd, who has dj’ed in many of the cities various pubs and clubs. I have also been addicted to Lomography for about 14 years which has allowed me to explore things I never thought I would. I have lived, worked and studied in Manchester all my life, and love to discover new things in this fine city and in places further afield. I’m just trying to find that great new thing, whatever it may be.

Why Manchester?
Why not? It has everything a person could need. I have found most of my favourite things in this fine town of mine and I would never trade it in. My passions include the architecture, the history (old and new), the music scene, the bar culture, the rainy sky and the wonderful cracks in the pavements.

Where can you find me online?
I’m on Twitter.

Or check out my interview with Sanne here.

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