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Isabel Maas

I’m a German-American college student with a passion for exploring the untrodden corners of this beautiful world. My bicultural and bilingual upbringing means that since my earliest childhood I’ve seen how different values and languages complement each other. I’ve had the opportunity to visit so many wonderful places, from a study abroad semester in Australia to backpacking around Israel and Southeast Asia. And the more I travel, the hungrier I become to keep going.

My family still resides in Berlin, where I lived for many years, although at the moment I am pursuing a degree in neuroscience, psychology and chemistry, in London. I am fascinated by everything relating to the mind and the brain, and love to be drawn into deep philosophical discussions about the nature of consciousness. Alongside traveling and the brain, the things I like most are hiking, rock climbing (any outdoor sport really), music and books.

Living in two open-minded and diverse cities has given me the chance to explore the eclectic, sprawling realms of two very different places. Berlin is like a beautiful, wounded heart, aware of the scars of its past yet still beating vibrantly; London is a mixture of shiny skyscrapers and grimy neighborhoods, constantly changing, the world passing through in a whirlwind. I’ve met so many people in both of these cities with different values and backgrounds, and I can’t wait to travel more and experience even more walks of life.

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