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About me
I’m a bit of a language and travel geek at heart, having gotten the bug for it while studying German and Italian in my home country, England. After I wrote hotel descriptions for a start-up in Berlin, did the whole Erasmus thing in Bologna, Italy, and wrote for Frommer’s travel guides while in London, I moved to Ghent in 2015. I came here to work for just one year but I still seem to be here, so I guess Ghent must be doing something right! Since then I’ve been passionate about helping others enjoy this beautiful city as much as I do.

Why Ghent
For me Ghent is the perfect mix: not too small, not too big, not too crowded, not too quiet, casual yet smart, laid-back but driven… With a lively student population and a steady stream of weekend visitors, it has a real pulse that keeps it changing. But it never loses that pretty, cobbled European city feel that first attracted me to the place.

A little away from the historic centre, I live in the Dok Noord area of Ghent which is changing by the day. Buildings are coming down, buildings are going up, and new start-up companies and food and drink hotspots are opening up all the time around here, so I’m really happy to be at the heart of the action.

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