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Riyadh (by Ekrem Osmanoglu)

One of the next city guides we would like to launch as part of our fight against overtourism is Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia!

Saudi Arabia is one of the biggest tourist destinations in the Middle East, so its capital enjoys quite a bit of traffic. However, we believe that Riyadh still does not receive the attention it deserves (and it seems the crown prince would agree); more people should not only visit this city but also get to know and understand it. That’s why we need you, Riyadh locals, to show the world what you love about your city.

Umro Aldhamry Street, Riyadh (by Ali Hassanien)

Saudia Arabia tourism largely involves religion and pilgrimages, but Riyadh has plenty of tourist attractions that anyone can admire – regardless of their religion – such as the Kingdom Centre Tower, National Museum, Al Masmak Fortress, King Abdullah Park, and plenty of great shopping malls. All of these are only part of what makes Riyadh so interesting though; there are plenty of hidden gems that only locals would know. Hence, we turn to you, the people who know this city best, to reveal its secrets.

So what is it like to experience Riyadh like a local? Where can you get the best coffee or local kabsa? Where do locals relax or celebrate? This is what we and many travelers want to know!

Are you a Riyadh loving local?

We aim to show visitors (and locals!) the real culture of Riyadh beyond the tourist highlights. We are looking for locals who’d like to share their passion and spread the word about Riyadh by blogging about their favorite spots. Browse around our current 80+ city blogs and learn more about our amazing community & vision!

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