Spotted by Locals x Eurail/Interrail

At Spotted by Locals, we are passionate about sustainable and authentic travel experiences. We believe that train travel is the ideal mode of transportation to truly immerse ourselves in the atmosphere of the destinations we visit. That’s why we partnered with Eurail / Interrail for our three-part blog series, which follows a rail itinerary across Central Europe, to Prague, Munich and Zagreb. We’ll show how you can go one stop further than the popular attractions, travelling with a rail Pass, before visiting local gems from Spotters.

One of the core values of Spotted by Locals is our commitment to environmental consciousness, and train travel aligns perfectly with this principle. Rail travel is a more eco-friendly alternative to air travel, allowing us to reduce our carbon footprint while still exploring the world’s wonders. When we travel by train, we have the opportunity to appreciate the changing landscapes and connect with the communities we pass through at a more leisurely pace.

We are excited to partner with Eurail / Interrail for this blog series, as they share our passion for sustainable, comfortable, and convenient travel. Together, we’ll introduce you to the hidden treasures of the cities we visit, while showcasing the ease and luxury of train travel.

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