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Camille Van Puymbroeck

About me
Although lots of people think I’m French, I was actually born and raised in Belgium. And I’m a walking Belgian cliché. Waffles, chocolate, fries, beers… You name it and I love it. Being a journalist, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that I absolutely love writing and taking photographs.

My biggest passions in life? Travelling and cooking, without a doubt. I used to be quite a fussy eater (some might argue that I still am), but my trips all around Europe and to Vietnam have changed me. Not only when it comes down to food, but also more generally speaking. Travelling is the absolute best way to broaden your perspective and to know what you want to do in life. But enough of that philosophical talk.

Why Brussels?
I have lived in Belgium my whole life, but only recently moved to Brussels. However, I had planned to do so for a long time as I absolutely love my city. For me, everything is possible in Brussels and nothing is too crazy. The mixture of cultures makes for a super interesting and never boring environment to live in.

Brussels is not the city with the big highlights like Paris or London. You have to get to know her and venture off the touristic path. That’s why she’s so perfect for Spotted by Locals. There is a hidden gem behind every corner, you just need to find it. And I absolutely plan on helping you with that.

Where else to find me?

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