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Marie-Lou Pijnenburg

About me
I’m Marie-Lou and I’m currently doing my master’s in biology in Zürich. I grew up in a small town in the French-speaking part of Switzerland, Neuchâtel. As much as I like it there I’ve also quite enjoyed living in Zürich since I moved here back in 2021. Besides my studies, I like to get creative by, for example, sewing, dancing, and much more! In my day-to-day life, I like to relax by doing street workouts or simply by walking in my neighborhood. I actually love walking a lot which is probably part of my enjoying discovering cities, including the one I live in. I also enjoy very much sitting in a café or listening to some live music.

Why Zurich?
Zürich has everything needed to charm me. First of all, I love its size. It is definitely bigger than the city I grew up in, which is cool for discovering more things and you can do it easily. But it is also not so big and one can easily reach different places in the city without wasting too much of your time. Another point is how green Zürich is. All around the city, you will find an incredible amount of parks but also private gardens that bring vegetation and colors into your view. The old town is charming and full of beautiful old houses. Whereas other parts of the city offer a more alternative vibe, that is also quite enjoyable. Well, I love everything about it.

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