Beer Bike Amsterdam

Bikes and beer are two things that Amsterdam is well known for… mixing them, however, isn’t necessarily a great idea and a quick way to get a fine from the police or even a hefty hospital bill. Don’t worry though – there is an answer… getting a beer bike!

This is a pretty unique experience where you can jump aboard a pedal-powered bar with your mates and cycle around the city whilst enjoying plenty of beer! You have a designated sober driver who’s in charge of directing your beer bike through the streets of Amsterdam and they’ll provide the beer whilst you provide the pedal power!

Getting on board a Beer Bike in Amsterdam with your friends is a great way to spend a few hours and enjoy a unique activity together – it’s a perfect activity for stag or hen parties and even popular with groups of friends who want to see a bit more of the city in a rather unusual way whilst enjoying some beer!

The beer bike route

Although the beer bikes have been banned from the city centre since 2017, they are still allowed in the city’s other areas – getting on a beer bike is actually a great way to explore the areas of the city that you may otherwise not have seen, before heading into the centre and carrying on with the day’s boozy shenanigans!

We won’t pretend it’s a particularly high-brow activity but it is a good way to combine cycling and plenty of beer and have a great laugh whilst you’re doing it. If you’re looking for a fun group activity to enjoy with your friends then the Amsterdam Beer bike could be your answer!

Normally, on the Beer bike Amsterdam’s favourite beer, Heineken, will be served but if you’re feeling a bit fancier, you can always opt for prosecco or other drinks! Whilst this all depends on your group’s preferences; one thing is certain – plenty of booze-fuelled fun, pedal-powered fun!

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