Best Athens Blogs 2021 – As Selected by Locals!

We asked our own Athens bloggers about their favorite independent Athens blogs & websites. Here’s a list of their tips in alphabetical order!

Athens Insider

Want to read a blog that’s about everything happening in Athens, from business to travel? Athens Insider is what you need. The site reads like a magazine (which they also have) and really covers everything. They started out by providing useful information for both expats and tourists but are now a must-read for everyone. We like their mixture of fun and useful, compelling images and interesting texts.

Athens Vibe

Would you like to see Athens through the eyes of a local? Really delve deep into why they love their city? Then you should surely take a look at Athens vibe. This blog (in Greek) collects interviews with locals who talk about their love for the city and all their favorite spots. It offers a unique and unexpected view of the city that delves deep into all the hidden local spots.


Do you love the arts and would like to stay updated with all the happenings in Athens? Then you surely cannot miss deBóp, a blog (in Greek) that features many upcoming events in Athens, covering topics from history and culture to anything art-related such as museums, theater, film, and much more.

Eat Yourself Greek

Eat Yourself Greek blog

Eugenia started cooking when she was living back in London. She only realized the importance of cooking in her homeland Greece when she left home. Eat Yourself Greek is a compilation of both mouthwatering Greek recipes as tips on what to do in Athens. If you really want to indulge yourself in the local cuisine, this is how you should do that.

Ferocious Urbanites

Relatively new to the scene, Ferocious Urbanites tries to cross boundaries. They’re mixing all possible cultural topics and delivering them to their audience in a very diverse way. Podcasts, videos, pictures, audio fragments… It’s a pleasure for all the senses. Ferocious Urbanites also provides a little agenda section – making sure you don’t miss out on the most interesting events without drowning you in info. We love the whole vibe and can’t wait to see more of them!

Letters from Athens

Are you a bit of a layout love? Letters from Athens is a highly visual and colorful blog. It dedicates itself to providing followers with an in-depth look at life in the Greek capital. The blog posts about art, culture, and interesting places in the city. How does Letters from Athens do that? Through stories and articles about the city told by an independent local who loves her hometown. She’s also an artist, so definitely check out her paintings on the blog as well.

Palia Athena

Palia Athena blog

When thinking about city life, we often forget the history of a place when we live there every day of our lives. Palia Athena is a blog (in Greek) run by independent locals who are interested in keeping the history of their city alive – and not just that of the ancient variety. This blog has detailed and intimate knowledge of the history of the capital of Greece. Stories are told through images and articles about the lives that previous locals lived. And that both during times of prosperity and relative calm as during times of struggle.

und. Athens

Focusing on contemporary art by young and emerging artists based in the city, und. Athens is an independent travel guide that offers a comprehensive directory of artist-run spaces, artist studios, art galleries, and museums — combined with personal suggestions about where to eat & drink plus which city areas are worth exploring.

Why Athens

Why Athens is the city guide you’ll need while visiting the Greek capital. Their selection of spots and activities throughout the city isn’t based on quantity but rather quality. Athens is a city that combines history and contemporary life like no other. Rock music in an ancient theater? They’ve got it. A modern architectural marvel? Of course, but then there’s also what’s probably the most well-known Greek temple in the world. Why Athens tells you what to do and where to go in a refreshing way.

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