Minus 1 Beirut

Image by Stephanie Geryes

Minus 1 – The art hub

You head to Gemmayze street that is already an artistic street, only to find a way to a garage. You go and there it is a huge empty basement with a high ceiling, a library and 2 small couches. People use this area to showcase their art — photographers, designers, illustrators and speakers who gather people and talk about any subject worth sharing. You rent it out from the owners, a small market is inside in case you needed coffee, water… It’s a great art hub, and you could decorate it as you please.

During the break, you go out for a smoke or a chitchat and you sit on the colorful stairs. There’s also a chair designed with Lego pieces. The location is also really nice cause it’s surrounded by coffee shops, restaurants and bars. I got my frames from there from a nice designer I met and we also had a TEDx event that was packed!

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124 Rue 70, Beirut

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Mon - Fri 15:00 - 20:00

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