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Cris Concepcion (1974)

About me
I was born in the Philippines, raised in Canada, but sharpened by a couple of decades of living in Boston. My tenure in this city kind of caught me by surprise, and I was tempted with moving elsewhere (Melbourne and I had a pretty serious thing going on for a bit), but I do admit to loving this place.

My wife and I own a 100 year-old condo in Jamaica Plain, but prior to that I’d lived in Cambridge, Somerville, and the Back Bay, so my picks are all over the place, but I hope you agree that they’re all worthwhile.

Why Boston?
I love the people. Boston is a city of universities and academics, and that raises the bar for everyone else. There are a lot of people here who are fiercely smart and extraordinarily passionate, and that appeals to me immensely.

It isn’t a particularly friendly city. People here won’t smile at you the way that they do in San Francisco or Chicago. It takes a while here for people to open up and accept you. But once they do, they will bleed for you.

But, ok, people aside, Boston is also compact and scaled for human beings. You can spend a nice Sunday morning and afternoon walking across the entire city (and I recommend it!) and on your walks you will always find something that will amuse you.

Where can you find me online?

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