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Claudia Leporatti (1987)

About me
Spoiled by the beauty of my native Firenze, in Italy, I recently celebrated my 10th year in Budapest, a city I couldn’t have enough of, yet.

I’m an official tour guide, a journalist and a writer, but most of all someone who needs to be surrounded by lively places and stunning architecture.

Why Budapest
Budapest never stops surprising me and this keeps my love alive. The more you zoom in, the more details will entertain your eyes, while the jungle of the coffee shops and bars ensures quality entertainment and precious locations to write in and be inspired.

The city is well spread out and diversified, so you have grounds to explore for years, and still there will be something you hadn’t noticed before. Art Nouveau, charming cafés, ideal paths for running and a vibrant, international, creative community are the main reasons I would choose Budapest over and over.

Where else can you find me online?

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