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Mohamed Khaled

About me
Architect, passionate about buildings and the history behind them. Living in Cairo since I was a child has been a long enough way to make me fall in love with history.

Studying architecture took this passion to another level. I was raised in an authentic neighborhood full of classic buildings mixed with some kind of Islamic art, keeping the identity of the city.

I love to make short movies and save lots of memories from all around the city, as what I saw today I’m not sure I’ll see some other day. I also love letting people see more of the world and how big is it, with a lot of hidden treasures.

Why Cairo
Cairo: a huge city with such a huge number of treasures. Wherever I have been I have found something new: a gallery I couldn’t see because of traffic, a graffiti that wasn’t finished yet, a cool place that had just opened, and a perfect spot in front of the Nile.

My roots belong here. It doesn’t matter how far I go, I know I’ll come back, That’s what I believe.

It’s just crazy how many kinds of art, antiques, styles, buildings, architecture, people, religions, and nationalities it has. With all those different things it has become more beautiful than ever, like the people who make the city feel great.

So to be fair, the city without these people won’t be the same perfect city, it’ll be only stones and bricks.

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